Writing Can Be Business: Social Media Capitalization

Writing Can Be Business

One Secret to Social Media Capitalization

Let’s say it’s year 2016 and you want to run a successful marathon in 2017… In order for you to stand a good chance of winning that marathon, would you:

  • Currently eat as you please;social-media
  • Wait for 2017 until you begin training;
  • Not study your competitors’ trends;
  • Not compete on races prior to the one you anticipate;
  • Ensure you don’t wear your racing gear the first time you race?

If all your answers were ‘Yes’, then you are definitely going to be the biggest participant to lose the race, why? It’s good you’ve asked… POSITIONING is the answer. Being a writer that wants to succeed in the writing business requires you to invest in the positioning of the business, which is their book. Social media is becoming the best platform from which one can invest. Here are few recent facts:

  • 70% of the internet population use social networks in a multitude of ways, and this number grows, daily.
  • People continue to spend more time on social networks than any other category of sites ____ 20% of their time on computers and 30% through their mobile applications.
  • Facebook reports 1 billion-plus accounts
  • Instagram has one hundred million users and holds four billion photos
  • 50% of consumers say they interact with social media while watching TV
  • Every minute, 72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube
  • The list is endless

Won’t you want to position your book to such potential? Don’t you think investing in knowing exactly how to take advantage of it could yield positive results?

As DS Publishers, we believe that writing can be business: From an author perceiving their book title as a company entity, considering branding, target market, Market penetration strategies, and more. Capitalizing on social media through websites, videos, and blogs can yield the desired results, especially through persistence.

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Click Here to Download Our Free Self-Publishing Brochure

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