Writing Can Be Business: Professional Speaking, Author’s Added Value

Writing Can Be Business

Professional Speaking, Author’s Added Value

grashyo-publishers_public-speaking“A book is a professional speaker’s best buddy. Here, we speak of a book being a Speaker’s BUSINESS PARTNER, which assists you in being more elaborative with the content of your talks, and assists on sales as well. The catch is that you treat it as a business partner. How do you do that? As a speaker you have the advantage of influencing your audiences, and the audiences find more value in your talk. Consequently, they find value in your products, and your book is one of them. The key factor here is to ensure you align the content of your book with the content of your talks. They value your book because of what you have said, and you do not want to disappoint them by offering them what they do not expect from you. So, branding, here, is the key factor… not your website and logo branding, but people’s expectations from your kind of branding, it must be kept consistent! What I mean is that if anyone sees me, the first thought they should have is self-discovery, because that is how I want to be branded as a speaker. Just ensure that your book is in line with the brand you portray.”

Mdu Mathenjwa

Keynote Address in Professional Speakers of Southern Africa, KZN Chapter, 2016

Having a book sold is a serious mission; your writing style, content, and design may be on point, but they can collect dust in bookstores, your garage, or anywhere if not properly positioned to your target market. One of the best ways at which you can sell as much books as possible is by being more valuable to your target market, offer them something they cannot say ‘No’ to…talk to them, share your heart with them with no charge if they complain about funds. What you should ensure about when sharing is that your talks compliment the content of your book.

Speaking makes you more credible to your target market, and it gives you leverage over them, as you tend to have a chance to influence them…the key here is TO BE PROFESSIONAL ABOUT IT! As you had gone through an intense route of having your book professionally published, finding ways of converting that content into powerful talks suffices.


Once your book is complete, every chapter has potential of becoming a powerful talk. Minor touches on sentence structures and perhaps, the style could be slightly amended. Thereafter, frequent rehearsal of what you have written will separate you from the rest of the speakers. A carefully designed content, and frequently rehearsed talk can shoot your value sky-high as an author.


Non-Fiction books can be easily converted into talks, fiction books require special attention, and can also sell like hot cakes if all is placed in order. All that is required is creativity.

If you have a book, send us its synopsis and your target market, Grashyo Publishers will suggest how your angle of speaking should be. This service has no charge. dspublishers@grashyo.co.za

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