Writing Can Be Business – Let’s Talk Sales – Part2 – Set and Achieve Your Book Sales Goals

“No book sales plan, no gain.”

____ Grashyo Publishers

Writing is serious business that retaliates; the better you treat it, the better it will treat you…even

your wallet. As such, goal orientation is the driving force, so that desired fruit may yield. Today we will briefly identify and describe imperative points to Setting Achievable goals for your book sales…

Annual Income Goal

State exactly how much you want to make in the next twelve months, it is important to name the actual amount. This number must be realistic, for mental and courage reasons. Now, this will determine the energy you may require for your entire year.

Write It Down

The secret about putting your goal into writing is that, you stand high probability to achieve ten times more than you have planned. If the target is unattainable, it is still better to have it written than having no goal.

Sales Goals

This determines how much you will have to sell each book in order to attain the desired goal. It is advisable that you subdivide your sales goals from annual, monthly, weekly, and even daily sales goals.

Action Plan

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This is the most intricate yet vitally important part. Some writers are not full-time writers as some of us are. You have to be honest to yourself as far as your availability is concerned. We have experienced many of our clients having written yet unattainable goals due to time constraints. Time management, then, is required.

To action your sales plan, using professional speaking as an example, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many calls [requesting either free speaking or paid gigs to your target market] per day to make appointments with my prospects?
  • How many calls will I have to generate to attain a specific level of sales?
  • Which associations do I have to join?
  • How many networks am I going to visit per month?

The key factor about book sales is that you control your sales life, you control your mind-set, you know what you want to achieve for your family through your book business alone…and ONLY YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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