Writing Can Be Business: How to Position Your Book to Your Target Market

Writing Can Be Business

How to Position Your Book to Your Target Market

Go professional or go home…

Your book, which is a business entity, can better perform if you POSITION it according to your relevant market’s

Book Positioning is vital

Book Positioning is vital

[reader’s] needs. In this article, we will briefly answer on the following:

Which creative elements to use as bait to your target market?

From which on-line avenues can you find your target market?

From which off-line avenues can you find your target market?

We will assume you are already aware of your target market, so that we can run smoothly in this article.

Which Creative Elements Can You Use as Bait?

The mistake we usually make as writers is that we think selling the book itself is the ultimate way of selling; whereas we can use Professional Speaking, Campaigns, Initiatives, and more… all because of one product, which is your book. Let us make examples: Say you are a Professional Speaker, and you have finally turned your Talks/Presentations/Keynotes into a book. Your book now becomes your product, not part of your product, this means you now have two streams of income through one effort, speaking.

The key factor will not be the book you have written, however, the audience you are addressing is aware that you are an author, and whatever you speak of is in-line with the content of your book. The audience have to buy you first before they buy your book, and the secret is in how eloquent you become with your talk, the rest is serious business.

The same goes with any campaigns and initiatives you design through the content of your book. You just have to be professional all the way through, for maximum results.

From which On-Line Avenues can you Find Your Target Market?

There are numerous on-line platforms that have potential of becoming your Salesperson, especially when utilized professionally and consistently. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and a lot more social media platforms can be of utmost importance; however, due to the numerous number of platforms, one cannot be able to utilize all of them simultaneously, because of the time factor, of course. Furthermore, not all platforms are conducive for your book, therefore, which social media platforms to utilize ought to be first identified [another topic for another day].

The most common on-line platform that every author needs for maximum efficiency of brand awareness and eventual on-line sales is a website, which is a Salesperson who never sleeps.

From Which Off-Line Avenues can you find your Target Market?

Now that you have your book, campaigns, talks, and initiatives in place, you need an everyday-plan of how you will tackle the sales outbound. You have to know the key decision-maker of your business in any organisation, individual, or whatever the case may be. Thereafter, you list all your potential targets and contact them, professionally, in various ways:

  • Cold-Calling
  • Networking
  • Through being referred by someone you know
  • Posting and E-mail of proposals
  • Billboards
  • Radio interviews
  • And the list is endless

The key is being professional in everything you!

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