To SA Community: A Call for Redirection

“If you always do what you did, You will always get what you got.”

––Albert Einstein

“It is obvious we are doing the same thing….expecting different results.

_____ By Nothando

SA COMM2_DS PublishersIt is good to be tolerant in some instances but the problem is that once you prove that you can tolerate a problem, it tends to start to place demands on you because you are then expected to be the one to adapt. Year after year (at least in the past five years) we have been facing the same problems;  teachers’ strikes, student strikes and taxi strikes; problems which always appear to be responding to the same issues. For instance, it requires no special research to predict that when the year 2016 begins, there will be student strikes directed at the problems of residences and funding…this cannot be disputed.

What we should realize is that one cannot harp on the same string and expect to hear a different tune. Once we realize the tremendous impact that these issues have on our economic growth and social development, then only will we have something solid to offer because the fact that these are recurring problems shows that we have not really discovered a solution to eradicate them. It is either we are missing an important ingredient when it comes to our proposed solutions, or we simply enjoy indulging on debates because it helps us persuade our minds to such that we begin to think that debating an issue over and over again is equivalent to solving it, or maybe we just suffer from the disease of shortsightedness.

The important questions are; how much time is spent engaging with the people involved in such problems, whether it is teachers, students or taxi owners? Secondly, when they are sitting around the table offering ways to tackle these problems do they perceive it as temporary problems that require temporary solutions or do they actually foresee greater issues that may be birthed by these problems? If we can answer these questions with honesty then it will be a start to finding our solutions. I believe that if we can start worrying about the qualitative aspect of these issues and if we can work more towards removing the problems instead of offering treatments to their side effects then chances are our standards will improve and our solutions will be deepened when similar problems approach us in the future

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