The Most Praised Words

women and heelsIt just is,
Justice is not justice
When these words turn perpetrators to victims
And victims to perpetrators.
Sacred laces are ripped apart,
The innocence is undressed,
Dreams of meeting prince charming are crushed,
And visions are destroyed.
Yet all he has to do is stand in front of her and say, ‘I’m sorry’
Indeed the words “I’m sorry” are the most selfish words!
They belittle her pain,
Make it all seem in vain,
Yet this was something she did not volunteer to go up against.
But throughout her childhood she bared it…
He was taking advantage of her innocence.
He would undress her, not seeing that
her clothes were not the only thing he was stripping her off.
Now she stands naked before everyone
And all that he has to do is say, ‘I’m sorry’.
Brutal as she is,
Scarred as she is,
Dirty as she feels,
All these eyes are glued to her…
They all look at her in expectant
Ready to paint her,
Their eyes judging her
All because he has said, ‘I’m sorry’
Indeed the words “I’m sorry” should be the most hated words!
They make her feel as though this was her portion.
That maybe to some extent this might have been her fault
And the pain is not just hers alone
But the person who caused it feels it too.
These words should be the most despised words!
They ask her to undo what she has experienced.
And this is nothing like forgetting about someone who owes you money,
It’s like a house that has been built;
A brick over a brick has been laid,
The foundations have long been established, firm,
And there’s no more turning back.
The only way to undo it is to destroy everything
Yet when these words are spoken
Conviction begins to take place
Not in his heart but in hers
This fair world is an unfair one.
“Do it, not for him but for yourself”, they say.
If that’s the case why don’t they let her go through her pain?
Until she’s able to let go
For these words take away nothing from it
They only take away from his nightmares
Making sure that while he lays peacefully at night
She remains reliving the horrible moments that he created.
I’m not against forgiveness at all
But these praised words
Are the most selfish words!

Irony of HeelsPoetry

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