The Unknown Journey – Paperback

The Unknown Journey – Paperback


“Sometimes life can be unfair, but the only way out is to keep being strong and fight for your rights.”

____ Sandhir Sewmungal



S.K Sewmungal is from Durban, South Africa and is the 1st South African author to write a true story on bullying. After attending high school in Durban, he decided to reveal his experiences and challenges that he’d encountered during his high school years showing the consequences of bullying in South African schools and schools around the world. This book hopes to help victims and to let them know that they are not alone…

“At some stage of our lives, we have all been bullied. I do agree that it’s unfair and it’s just one of the challenges in life that we face as we grow up. I have been a victim of bullying during my high school years. I have been a target since I started at my school, and I have been through the worst events ever. I can tell you one thing, when the victim does something out of control; everyone jumps, to blame the victim for what they did. Perhaps, people should first find out why the victim chose to react in such a way. From my experience bullying destroys and damages the mind of a person. It makes you become violent. We just have to find ways with learning how to deal with bullying. It is an unfair experience, but I guess we have to fight them bullies’- fire with fire.”


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