From Hell to Heaven – Paperback

From Hell to Heaven – Paperback


I’m a drug addict survivor, domestic violence survivor, depression and low self-esteem survivor.  I’ve been belittled and looked down upon, and exploited by the world. Over all the victimization trials and tribulations I went through, grace rescued me from the hands of my breaking point.

My name is Ayanda Mjwara, born and bred in Durban, kwaZulu Natal, and an electrical engineer by profession. Everything that I went through is a testimony leading to my destiny. The wisdom of God has given me a mandate to share my walk with Him in every sphere of life, to liberate one from captivity.

Spoken words have power, but knowledge conceived has greater power. I now moved to entrepreneurship, founder and Director of AYAKHANYISA ENERGY SUPPLIERS (PTY) LTD.

I remember during the days of need where I had no job but a qualification. I volunteered as a pool attendant, working for full six months without pay; hoping that I would be considered first when interviews come.

I once volunteered as an artisan assistant, replacing stolen overhead power lines, digging up tranches by the road and maintaining faulty equipment, earning R1600.00 per month. At that time I had to walk back home. Life taught me that it’s what you make out of it. You may have a qualification, but discover that God never called you for that qualification.

I dedicate this book to my parents, Mr and Mrs Mjwara



Behind an Imperfect Christian


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