Principle of Writing a Good Book: #3-Your Writing Relationship––Take It Seriously

Principle of Writing a Good Book: #3-Your Writing Relationship––Take It Seriously

By Nothando


Writing is a relationship that you choose to have. Commit to being loyal, devoted, and faithful to it. Give it your attention.”

____The Write Life Magazines

4-blogWriting is an art; once you fall in love with an art, you should know that you are in it for a long ride. No one will be telling you to pick up a pen and start writing; but your Adrenalin will be rushing, your heart will be pumping, your mind will be overwhelmed with words and your hormones will be tickling with excitement––the joys of falling in love!

For some people, writing may be like that handsome man or that woman with long legs that you fall in love with at first sight. But for others, it may be like that kind-hearted person you tried to escape from when he first approached you, but you now cannot live without. We all fall in love for different reasons so we probably all write for different reasons. In the same way that you have to know what kind of person makes your heart tick, for you to commit yourself into a relationship, any writer should know what kind of a writer he or she is.

One thing that we can all agree on though is, writing is therapeutic. Suddenly, our confusion disappears, we start to feel like we are no longer misunderstood and we do not have to hide our true selves because writing allows us to unwrap all our thoughts and be honest with who we are.


Most writers who have inspired us were not always well-known authors or ‘established authors’, as publishing houses would refer to them,
but because they captured experiences and produced a book, which we may have found to be entertaining, inspirational or informative, we are now constantly on the verge of wanting to know whatever they are working on. The point of sharing this idea with you is to tell you that like any relationship, writing needs to be nurtured and groomed, and once you do that, it will work to your benefit. The more time you invest in making your relationship work, the more you gain an understanding of whom your partner really is; the more you give yourself to writing, the lesser effort you will exude in attempting to perfect the skill because you will begin to flow in it. No relationship is perfect, no writer is without any flaws; but if you continue in it with passion, you will discover the heart of your writing, eventually, writing will not be merely a passion but it will clothe you and feed you. Your relationship with writing may start in your room, but it will end up on bookshelves if you take it seriously enough.

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