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Special Article from Grashyo Creations

“We chose to end South African Heritage Month on this note… ‘If you don’t stop it, then you are next!’”

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She is nineteen years old, soaked in the pool of her own blood. A well of tears flooded on her innocent cheeks, and

Image by Pintrest

Image by Pintrest

hopelessness seemed as a permanent visitor in her life.

“Who did this to you?” the nurse asked with immense curiosity. “My stepfather did it to me, and my mother doesn’t care… I don’t think she loves me anyway.”

It was approximately 11:38PM when Zane received a facebook inbox message from a nineteen-year-old girl who sought for any stranger with whom she could bleed her sores of emotional pain after her stepfather had raped her.

“It was just me and him in the house,” she explained.

“I love you, Lucy,” his eyes portrayed diabolical desire for me without me realizing.

“Love you, too, Dad,” I loosely responded. All of a sudden, he reached for the door, closed it, and forced himself into me, heartlessly, with agonizing brutality. We were both covered in blood.


The following day, Zane met a woman who was in her late fifty’s. “How are you today, ma’?” Zane asked as usual.; expecting the usual response from her, but Zane received a cold shoulder; her eyes were red.

“Mtanam’ [my child], I’m thinking of the most tragic day in my life…when I was on my way home at night: A group of young men mugged me, hit me with the back of the gun, and as if that was not good enough, sexually molested me.” The woman further explained to Zane as to what is it that evoked such thoughts from the graveyard. “I was listening to the radio and heard a story of a thirteen-year-old girl who was sexually molested by her stepfather who was a police officer. He went to her, held her with a gun; forcing her to take her clothes off and open her legs for him… it happened and she fell pregnant.”

These stories are true, but the names are fictitious.

Dear South African, 43,195 rapes have been reported between 2014 and 2015. Such brutality requires your immediate attention, and if you pretend to turn a blind-eye in this matter, your turn is around the corner. The physical and emotional pain of this act is unbearable, especially if it happens to you or your next of keen.

Let us be safe through taking care of one another, so that whatever a fellow South African writes about is being successful as opposed to being sexually molested.

For professional Help

Emotional well being: LifeLine Southern Africa
24-hour crisis intervention service. “Emotional First Aid station”. Free, confidential telephone counselling, rape counselling, trauma counselling, Aids counselling, and a range of other services. Not-for-profit organisation.
  • National counselling line: 0861-322-322
  • Stop Gender Violence helpline: 0800-150-150

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