My Life Has Come to an End

My Life Has Come to an End

my life is vanishing

my heart beat will stop anytime soonfarewell

because my days are numbered

but I left memories to be remembered

my house in the ground

is not constant but vibrating

today is my day

I will be down along with the sun

life was my friend

but death is my son

I didn’t mean to drag you into this

i didn’t mean to make you sad

like you have been bitten by bees

live your happy life don’t be sad

do your stuff and don’t mind what I said

because you will be forgotten

About me in the next few days

I’m sorry but my time is here

It’s better because I didn’t leave you with heir

Syethemba Dizzma Thwala

Syethemba Dizzma Thwala

My life has come to an end

By: Syethemba Dizzmar Thwala

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