When the light is only a hope to see.
When your mind is playing tricks with you thinking the morning is no
longer coming.

When everything you see seem to be a dark shadow, I say keep on walking
as if you are blind.
Just put the fear and your frustrations behind. The sun will rise, keep
on telling that to your mind.

When every attempt you make rewards you nothing hopeful.
When your way to success seem to be stretching away far from you.
Just keep it in mind that it feels like that when a journey is worth


Remember that we are victorious because of our challenges.
Heroes are Heroes by fighting against the Villains of life.

When the stars are gone.
When you feel like the dark is mostly against you.
When the sun has long gone down.
When no light is to be seen,
just keep it in mind that
darkness shall seem to exist before sunset.

The Crazy Poet, S.A Msutu


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