Authors in Business: The Introduction

Authors in Business: Creating New Publishing Traditions

By: DS Publishers

IMPORTANT: Please be warned that sensitive authors may not read articles of this nature, as one’s comfort zone may be affected.

“Dear Author,

Please allow us to reveal the truth, facts, and solution concerning the book you are currently busy with, including the one you already have:”

Your Published Good Book is NOT Enough: Bitter Truth


Willing and able to work with you through the change

Over the years in the book publishing business, DS Publishers has encountered various enormous challenges as an enterprise: To name a few, being in a typical traditional field of business that is corporate in nature, rock-rigid in all respects, and enclosed as far as forming clean and loyal business relationships are concerned. It has not been an easy ride, not if your intentions are to contaminate the tradition.

Nevertheless, the major concern for DS Publishers is the mind-set embedded to the writers through some supernatural charms. Such mind-set could be termed “Authors’ Myths” as far as publishing is concerned:

  • As long as it is published, my book will sell.
  • Marketing is for publishers, I’ve done my part [Writing]
  • Book shelves are magical, they make books disappear
  • I don’t have a market for my book, it is for everybody and anybody
  • A certain organization and individual promised to sell my book, they will be as hot cakes

The list is endless, and these are factors that cripple the drive of an author to keep bleeding words and share it to the world.

Dear Author,

Please allow us to reveal the truth, facts, and solution concerning the book you are currently busy with, including the one you already have:


Warm Regards,

DS Publishers

Being able to finish a manuscript is good achievement, but not good enough. Having it published is awesome, but not awesome enough. Having it on the shelves though, is excellent, but not excellent enough… Your hard-earned work is not worth collecting dust on the shelves. By the way, this is what discourages bookstores from receiving just any book, they are in business [bitter truth], and once your work is displayed in the business environment, as an author you are expected to drive traffic into those stores.

irony of heels

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Proposed Solution

That book title of yours is your new company; you ought to own it, ensure there is a need for it, brand it and/or yourself, know the market that is interested in it, know where to find that market [on-line and off-line], know how to sell it in 30 seconds, and the list is endless.

DS Publishers has decided to compile a book that is especially designed for writers as far as this business concept is concerned. The book is ready, but publication is in 2016. Nevertheless, DS Publishers will occasionally post the highlights and tips in this regard. We are confident that with this concept, overdue respect shall be bestowed upon all writers, as they deserve more than what they receive [good read, awesome author, and etcetera]… Full honour will be given where it is due.

To all authors: Bleed Words

DS Publishers believes in your words

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