Principles of Writing a Good Book: #2 Know Your Readers

Principles of Writing a Good Book: Principle #2 Know Your Readers

By Mdu Mathenjwa

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

____ Plato

beauty-lies-in-the-eyes-of-the-beholderIf this legendary Philosopher and Mathematician by the name of Plato were still flesh and blood, I would lose an arm and a leg to ask him this question, “What would your message be to all writers and the aspiring?” Having asked this remarkable question, he would gently rub his mustache and smile with a gesture of saying, “My kinsman, thou art smart!” His answer would then say, “A good book lies in the eyes of the reader.

Over our years of business at DS Publishers, we have discovered that the more you know about your reader, the better your book would become. Since at DS Publishers we perceive and treat our clients as Entrepreneurs; please allow us to address “Readers” as “Market.” The more you understand your market, the better you are of relevance to them, and consequently, it will be inevitable for you to be deemed a good writer. We will mention a few points, amongst many, and in no particular order that you would need to write a good book for your market.

  • Who Are They?

From which geographic location are they? Is there gender specification? What do they expect from you? This list could be infinite, but the more the better. Once you know more about them and their culture, you will be able to position your text in such a way that they would fail to drop the book until the last letter. They would even begin to read the Copyright page.

  • Who Competes With You?

Upon submitting the Book Proposal, the author is required to describe few books that could compete with that of theirs, thereafter mention how theirs would be relatively different. It is therefore safe for one to mention that the more you read and study your competitor’s work, you surely can write a relatively better book. This assists you at finding loopholes from your competitions, which could be a niche you could utilize against them.

  • What is Their Pain Point?

Every problem needs a solution, every solution solves the problem, and if you solve the problem, you are treasured. If you can use words that snatch your market’s attention away from anything, they will say, “Wow, this is good stuff!” For a good read, you must be capable of discerning the needs of your market. You can write a well-presented book that nobody would like, as opposed to somebody with horrific book that never escapes reader’s lips… Secret? The latter knew which words to use for the market.

In conclusion, I am convinced that for now, DS Publishers is the only company that has the guts to have patience at helping self-publishers, especially non-established, to independently position themselves to their markets.

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