7 Reasons Why Writers Should Blog: Issue 1

7 Reasons Why Writers Should Blog: Issue1

business-blog-marketingAccording to recent statistics from Hubspot, the top Lead-Generating Tools in the digital world [Inbound Marketing] are Social Media [more than 80%], Blog [about 60%], E-mail Marketing [about 79%], SEO (Search Engine Optimization) [About 58%], and the rest follows. Furthermore, Inbound Marketing has been the best when comparing it to Outbound Marketing. Statistically, the only highly effective tool of lead generation using Outbound Marketing is Telemarketing.

A Blog is your constantly updated website. What you are reading now is a blog. This is your lead generating machine, customer information centre, and your Search engine’s best friend. Blogging is the best friend of Social Media as well. Here are 7 reasons we believe why you should consider blogging for your book:


Let us face it: we are living in a digital world, and that is where “fish” are. Therefore, the best position to cast your net is into the sea [digital world]. Expose yourself to your potential clients (readers) using a blog. Show them that you are also an expert in your writing genre by issuing valuable information. Blogging creates new leads for your brand as an author; it positions you on google and the likes.

#-2 Credibility

Your already-existing readers/followers and potential prospects would be happy to know as to how credible you are
in terms of feeding them with what they expect from you, and blogging about your products or/and services will definitely make them feel proud to be part of you as an author. Besides any other writing motives, treat it as a show-off for the sake of your readers and those watching from afar. If you keep showing up to your audience, they will recognize and be aware of your brand, and consequently, you will be more credible than you were yesterday.

#3-Problem Solving

Everybody wants to buy from experts. They all want to buy from the company that knows how to solve problems for them. Blogging is as what is termed “sales pipeline”, which  is about making love to your potential readers and   existing ones. Offering them valuable information on their daily problems would make them trust and love you more.

IMPORTANT: Humans Think, See, and Do… As an author, they are supposed to know about your book before it is out [Be heard of], then be visible [Brand awareness], and then Sell

We will continue on the next issue for the rest of the steps.

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