Principles of Writing a Good Book:#1 Conceive and Don’t Let Go!

Conceive and Don’t Let Go!

By DS Publishers

“You have the best formula deep inside you.”

____ DS Publishers

ball-and-chain-1-1-ds-publishersOver the years of our publishing business, we have encountered various clients. Some had their manuscripts ready, some had videos, others with audios, and others with nothing but impregnated with stories to tell. Sometimes we receive e-mails that request for a fixed formula of writing a good book, and our answer usually says, “You have the best formula deep inside you.” Others ask, “I have a story inside me, but how do I get started?” Do you really want to know our response to such questions?

Let me answer this question by beating around the bush… Sometimes one does not realize they are pregnant until another notices it, conversely, one notices the pregnancy before another does. Either way, the one that ought to push is the one who conceives the story. Speaking of conceiving, writing is not a walk in the park. Being pregnant is exciting, but pushing is something else. That is why some people tend to give up whilst in the midst of writing their book___not knowing that the same book could save multiple lives, including theirs. Imagine knowing that you have something valuable inside you that you would like to share with the word, but you disallow it due to challenges accompanied by it. If you expect me to go all professional about this, think again, because as an author, I have a figured that prescribed formulas alone cause more hiccups on our creativity if we consider them as first priority.

At DS Publishers, we usually consult with our clients who wish to compile books, but the methodology we use is not fixed. There is one word I truly admire that was used by one of our clients who is compiling an interesting and unique business book. He proposed that we meet next week and “EXPLORE” in order for us to create a unique methodology for the book. That is what I am talking about!

My advice may sound insane, but here it goes… Writing a book your own way is not to give up, especially once you realize you have a Fiction or Non-Fiction story to bleed.

Click Here to Publish your work

Click Here to Publish your work

 I do not have steps, but I know that the tools you need are, in order of importance; yourself, sometimes your publisher, and any other trustworthy hand you believe in. Nevertheless, you are the final decision maker. The most important factor is that you enjoy yourself whilst you bleed those words. Believe me, once you get started, you fall prey and suffer from Addiction Disease Virus Syndrome Disorder [ADVSD] (please don’t google it).

I was moved by an article that was written by one of our editors. She wrote a moving article that is informative, precise, and professionally portrayed her views about the subject. Click on the picture below to read it.

Let me not speak about the technical part today, as I believe it comes as a secondary factor. The primary factor that matters is the author’s mind-set. If your mind-set is against giving up, then you can make it all happen… On behalf of DS Publishers, we urge you not to let go.

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