What if Your Book Was Your Business?

What if Your Book Was Your Business?

Our authors and scholars are generally men of business, and make their literary pursuits subservient to their interests.

Benjamin Rush

quote-our-authors-and-scholars-are-generally-men-of-business-and-make-their-literary-pursuits-benjamin-rush-ds-publishersThat is a business mentality from Mr Rush. When you serve well, you are served well in return. Basically, you are served professionally when you serve professionally.

What would happen if writers and authors were treating their books as their business? Wouldn’t there be a better professional image, concise, and well-structured marketing strategy? What about independent sales, wouldn’t an unknown author have an opportunity to close deals with renowned bookstores?

This causes one think as to why traditional publishing companies would opt for those with established brands, the renowned, for publishing contracts, and they are correct. Yes, there are organizations and associations that assist the selling of books; however, it is felt that opportunities are not exhausted…

How Much Do You Value Your Words?

Your book has infinite potential; yes does, but that potential is triggered by your vision about the book. How much do you value your hard work? If your vision is to donate your book worldwide, how much have you done so far? If you wanted to sell those 500 copies, how much have you sold so far? Have you reflected on your plans against your achievements in that regard?

How Can I Improve on Self-Distributing My Book?

DS Publishers suggests that writers and authors can attain or improve on their book distribution if they perceive their book as a business entity. The fundamentals of such would be Branding and Marketing, and these factors are guaranteed to improve self-distribution. Branding involves the manner at which you package your book to the potential reader, and how you’ve packaged it is how it will be perceived. Marketing, on the other hand, denotes how you communicate with the potential reader. Such factors are imperative and authors should deepen their knowledge in them, they are MAGICAL!

In that note, DS Publishers would like to extend best wishes for 2016 to all writers and authors! The mere fact that you can write, qualifies you as a creative and innovative individual. With creative and innovative traits embedded within you, you are unstoppable! In you is potential to elevate your bled or soon-to-be-bled words to greater heights.

Should you wish to know more about DS Publishers’ unique way of publishing, which includes Planning and Marketing Strategy Development for your baby (as one of our clients would say), don’t hesitate to Contact Us today.

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