7 Reasons Why You Should Blog: Issue 2 – Be Visible

7 Reasons Why You Should Blog: Issue 2

Imagine having a blog as having the equipment needed for you to build your own empire. In the meantime, you have to understand that for this empire of yours to grow, you have to be responsible, consistent and persistent to lay one brick after the other. Failing which, the empire will either collapse or remain dormant. However, once your empire has been successfully built, three words: You Own It! The same analogy applies to every Social Media platform, including your blog. Having a Blog that is inactive is as having a well-targeting gun without bullets. As planting a seed without watering it… Let us find out more reasons as to why we should blog for our businesses of writing.

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#4-Build Relationships

Grashyo Creations has a system that detects as to how every particular lead [potential customer] has been captured. Be it an online or offline lead, we keep records of such data. Over two years of using this system, it has been evident that other leads emanated from the relationships we build through blogging. Through blogging, your content can build relationships that may later become the potential, if not to a direct sale, then a word of web/mouth to someone who does buy.

#-5 Growth in Number of Followers

The fact is: business growth in social media is gradual, by ‘growth’ in this context, we refer to ROI [Return On Investment], but according to recent trends, it is quicker than Outbound Marketing. As much as growth is gradual, the quality of followers the writer can build is extremely high; and converting them into paying customers becomes easy; because they trust your content and opinion. These followers begin to announce your site to everybody else who needs it.

#6-You Sell Softly

This is one admired factor about blogging: Selling. Not just selling, the art behind selling. Selling should be smooth; it is an art beyond skill. And blogging does it for you. Being consistent and persistent about blogging will keep your pipeline full, meaning, it helps you sell… Softly.


The relationship we have created with the major bookstores stores has elaborated as to how important it is for a writer, especially the unknown writer, the issue of being visible. Be googleable, be relevant to your readers [market], be informative, be persistent and consistent about posting blogs, be professional, most importantly, have a professional marketing plan. All the first five book titles we have submitted to the major bookstores [Exclusive Books, CNA, Adams,and  Wordsworth and Bargain Books] have been approved, however, how much the stores will buy will depend on how visible the author is about their work. We will end it from here for now… Authors in Business posts series is coming up.

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