Irony of Heels – Writing Competition

Irony of Heels

The truth is women laugh hard, love hard and fight hard to hide the pain and show the beauty of life struggles. They admire your beauty, your confidence, the way you are dressed––but they don’t know about the hard work, the struggles and the experiences that you go through just to have ‘that look’. If they could see the scars, if only they knew about the bruises and pain, if only they understood the roughness of the journey, then they would give you the credits you are worth.

LadiesYou may be an entrepreneur that other women look up to, but many people still fail to recognize what it really takes for you to be where you are, you may be a good mother and a loving wife according to the standards of people around you, but to those who matter it’s never enough, or you may be a mother who raises her children single-handedly.  You may be in a relationship that your friends envy, yet if they really knew what goes on in your relationship they would not spare a second from running away from it…

As much as the journey of women and heels is one filled with tussles, it is undeniable that heels give us confidence; heels make us look beautiful and invincible in the midst of life’s fights.

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  • Write a piece based on any life experience, but link it to the theme “Irony of Heels”.
  • Five writers will be chosen and their work will be compiled into a book that will be published.

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